• Defense Granada turns to the Kings on the Day of the Armed Forces, where for the first time a woman parachutes with the flag of Spain

Carmen Gómez Hurtado is a first corporal, member of the Air Force Aerobatic Patrol. She has 2,700 jumps to her credit and for her experience yesterday she made history in Granada by becoming the first soldier to carry the national flag during a parade of the Armed Forces.

However, this military man with an Andalusian accent and quick speech detracts from her feat: "I am here because of my experience, not because I am a woman, I have jumped the flag many times in other types of exhibitions," she explained in a telephone conversation with EL MUNDO just an hour after touching land with the flag of 54 square meters and 12 kilos of weight with which she descended from the sky guided by Cape Óscar García, her partner in the PAPEA, her partner and the father of her daughter. And certainly Gomez has earned the position, because when he arrived at the PAPEA he had to pass a test with 11 other candidates. Already in the first round there were three boys and she, the only woman who is currently in the Patrol, although there were others.

For the first time a woman has parachuted with the flag of Spain in a military parade. In a cloud, I'm still in the cloud, I'm analyzing how everything has been because it's an important leap, I still don't believe it. The truth is, I hoped I hadn't slept. The day before you are always a little more nervous, but I slept very well, I got up at 7, I prepared material, I had breakfast and we went to Armilla. Once at the Armilla base, they got on the plane, how are the moments before the jump and the after? On the plane you go through a lot of nerves, once you go out on the air, it's work. In the fall you focus a little bit on where you are going to go, you don't look at the people, I have a tunnel vision of the point I want to reach. Your partner has acted as a guide, is that good? It is wonderful, I could not jump with a better one, it gives me a lot of peace of mind to go with himHe is the only woman in the patrol and in the Armed Forces they are still a minority. Being the only woman is a bargain because they have me very spoiled and I am accompanied by the most handsome of the base, they are my family. Women must be encouraged to try to enter, there have been many women although now I am the only one. People are unaware of this world because it offers so many opportunities that I would encourage them all since we are perfectly capable.

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