After the election loss, the Social Democrats are now advancing in opinion polls. The party recently received the highest support since 2009, in the SVT/Novus voter barometer.

But in their own ranks, S is criticized for being too passive.

"The Social Democrats are strong, but they should be much stronger," says Payam Moula, editor-in-chief of the Social Democratic magazine Tiden.

"What is missing are sufficiently good and clear proposals. I think you lack self-confidence and I think you have to straighten your back and dare to take the challenge.

Karina Cubilla, editorial writer at the Social Democratic newspaper Arbetet, is on the same line.

"In terms of public opinion, things are going well, but they don't deliver a lot of policy. It's hard to know where they want to go and where you're going. People are afraid, I think, of screwing up and going into opposition properly.

"You want to see a different kind of politics"

Another prominent voice who has criticized the lack of reforms is Daniel Suhonen, head of the trade union idea institute Katalys and founder of the social democratic association Reformisterna. After the election, he called the Social Democrats' election strategy "a total disaster", where his own clear reforms were conspicuous by their absence.

SSU chairman Lisa Nåbo has described the Social Democrats' latest shadow budget as "cowardly" and "really bad" and called for more policy and strategy.

Payam Moula and Karina Cubilla also want the party to invest more.

"Now it feels like a window has been opened. More people are talking about labour market conditions and people's standard of living. There is sort of anger, you want to see a different kind of politics. Now is the time to smack on," says Cubilla.

The Social Democrats have a number of proposals for policies that they want to see from the party. Hear more in the video above and see the entire Agenda – where S-leader Magdalena Andersson is interviewed – on SVT2 and on SVT Play.