According to RIA Novosti, their message in their Telegram channel was published by many Polish media, however, a few hours after publication, it was deleted.

"Everyone asks us one question, whether we took part in the operation on the territory of the Belgorod region. The answer is unequivocal: of course, "reports the Telegram channel Polski Korpus Ochotniczy, which calls itself the official channel of Polish mercenaries in Ukraine.

Earlier, the commander of the Crimea battalion said that foreign mercenaries, in particular the Poles and the British, were seen in the ranks of the Ukrainian military in the Zaporozhye direction.

According to him, among the opponents in this direction are nationalist battalions, assault brigades, airborne brigades, including amphibious assault forces.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after summoning the Chargé d'Affaires of Poland in Russia, Jacek Szczadewski, reported that Warsaw was willingly turning into a springboard for pumping the Kyiv regime with weapons and sending Polish mercenaries to Ukraine.