Play it like Harry. In addition to pink, many spectators, the majority of the public, came dressed in the singer's favorite accessories and outfits, fabrics with printed hearts, leather outfits, cherry patterns, heart glasses, sequined dresses and, more rarely, some butterfly wings on the back.

The boa's nod dates from the 2021 Grammys ceremony, where the former One Direction frontman sang "Watermelon Sugar" with a green feather thing. Since the boa is his signature.

This 2019 hit was also one of the highlights of the Saint-Denis show, attacked by his new quartet of brass and woodwinds, two trumpets, a trombone and a tenor sax, instead of the funky guitar of the album.

The crowd accompanied his Harry on the whole track, as during almost 1H40 of concert.

Copper section

This coppery touch is the 2023 novelty of the gargantuan "Love on tour", which began in September 2021 in Las Vegas when the world was emerging from the Covid epidemic.

After a world tour, the pink wave will scour Europe a second time until the end of July in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Already in the summer of 2022 Harry Styles had filled Bercy, but too many faithful had been disappointed not to find tickets. This time it is sold out at the Stade de Saint-Denis, with also a date on Friday, 70,000 spectators per night.

The brass and woodwinds also energized "Late night talking", tenor sax in the lead, with a superb trumpet solo, and served an intro to the "YMCA" of the Village People on "Music for a sushi restaurant".

If the brass section, three women and one man, wore Hawaiian shirts, the orchestra, mixed, was all in pink, in line with the crowd.

Harry was dressed in black, leather pants and tank top squared with sequins.

The British singer once again delighted his Parisian fans with this concert opened by "Daydreaming", before drawing from his three albums.

English singer and songwriter Harry Styles on stage at the 65th Grammy Awards at the Arena in Los Angeles, February 5, 2023 © VALERIE MACON / AFP/Archives

A cry of pleasure ran through the stadium at the first bars of "She", with a very pop dry guitar, a song he rarely sings on stage. The vast majority of the audience sang it throughout.

Harry even tried to speak French, sparingly. "We're going to play music for you tonight, I was hoping (sic) you'll enjoy it," he said after the first three tracks, repeating several times: "Let's go!"

"Bof" and "grapefruit"

He also played with "bof", his "favorite word in French", and "grapefruit", his other favorite word in the language of Jean-Louis Murat, not surprising for a singer with a fruity repertoire, "Kiwi", "Cherry" or "Grapejuice" in addition to Watermelon (watermelon).

Fans have "ambianced" on the expected moments that punctuate his concerts, when he wore a stetson - white, that one - stretched by a spectator, on "Satellite", when he addressed the audience by reading their signs or when he waved the rainbow flag of LGBT pride, on "Treat people with kindness".

As expected, he covered a One Direction song, trapping his audience, to which he sang the chorus of "Best song ever" before finally singing "What makes you beautiful".

British singer Harry Styles at the 65th Grammy Awards, February 5, 2023 in Los Angeles, California © Neilson Barnard / GETTY / AFP / Archives

The concert also had more intimate moments, with "Mathilda" and its harmonics on acoustic guitar, where "Fine line", where he accompanies himself with folk.

He wrapped up with the encores on his two huge hits "Sign of the times" and "As it was" before concluding with a tonic "Kiwi".

Then the stadium emptied, revealing the swirls of multicolored boa feathers, carried away by the evening wind. Harry Styles has been there.

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