Finnvedsvallen in Värnamo does not meet Swedish standards and therefore a political decision was made to build a new arena for about SEK 210 million, which will be ready for the 2025 season.

However, the opposition now wants to postpone the start of construction for two years for financial reasons, something that Värnamo Nyheter was the first to tell.

"We have been advised by economists to only invest in what is absolutely most important," Anetté Myrvold (S), who is an opposition councillor, told SVT.

New schools and kindergartens

Värnamo municipality is also planning to build two new comprehensive schools and three preschools.

"If it hadn't been for that, we might have met the arena cost," she says.

Since the exemption to play Swedish football expires, IFK Värnamo would instead be allowed to play in Borås.

"It's obviously very sad and it wasn't an easy decision. We are aware of the sadness that this entails, says Anetté Myrvold.

The Alliance wants to follow through

The Alliance believes that the investment will be completed.

"We are proceeding according to plan and the arena will be completed in 2025. The alternative is that IFK is forced to move its elite operations to Borås, says Tobias Pettersson (M), who is chairman of the municipal board.

"That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Schools are important, but I think there is money for both, says Värnamobon Elvis Muratovic.

"An arena also provides economy. says Lars Grahn, who is head of the leisure unit in the municipality.

Hear more in the clip about what the residents of Värnamo think about the proposal for the arena construction.