ETA prisoner Joseba Borde has re-entered the Basauri prison in Biscay after the Prosecutor's Office appealed the third degree granted by the Basque Government.

As reported by the ETA Sare prisoner support network, the Central Prison Surveillance Court has admitted, with suspensive effect, the appeal made by the Public Prosecutor's Office against the agreement of the Ministry of Justice of the Basque Government.

For this reason, the prisoner has had to enter the Biscayan prison again waiting for the Court to resolve the appeal, the source has specified.

In its appeal, the Prosecutor's Office maintains that the granting of this third degree violates five articles of the general penitentiary organic law and three others of the prison regulations, fiscal sources have informed EFE.

The Public Prosecutor's Office maintains that Borde was convicted of multiple crimes, including three murders, totaling 200 years in prison, with a limit of 30 years to serve.

He has not yet served three quarters of his sentence, according to the prosecutor, nor is there a commitment to pay civil liability or repentance or repudiation of the crimes he committed.

In addition, he has been judicially denied applications for previous permits.

Borde Gaztelumendi, 64, a former member of the Bizkaia command, has spent 20 and a half years in prison, after being considered responsible for 21 attacks, which caused 16 deaths and 18 wounded.

According to data from Sare, the Basque Government has so far processed the progression to the third degree penitentiary of 42 ETA prisoners incarcerated in the prisons of Euskadi.

However, it states that of these 42 prisoners, a total of 29 have had their grade progression appealed and 13 have been re-admitted to second-degree prison.

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