"We have developed a special utility triangle_check to automatically search for traces of infection. To check with this utility on Windows and Linux, it is enough to download a binary assembly, and on macOS it can be installed as a Python package, "RIA Novosti reports.

The laboratory explained that in order to check the device, it will be necessary to create a backup copy of it. Installing the mentioned Python package is a universal way.

It is noted that in case of detection of any indicators of compromise, the utility displays the result "DETECTED".

Earlier, the FSB reported that it had uncovered an intelligence operation by US intelligence agencies that conducted surveillance through thousands of Apple smartphones.

Kaspersky Lab said that dozens of iPhone smartphones of the company's employees were infected with spyware.

Apple Inc. denied the information of the FSB of Russia about spyware on the company's gadgets to spy on Russian users in the interests of American intelligence agencies.