In a video shot in the parking lot of the Budapest stadium, the Portuguese technician repeatedly tells the Englishman Anthony Taylor "p... shame, it's a p... of shame", an "incorrect behavior" punishable according to UEFA regulations by a suspension, possibly accompanied by a fine or "community service in the service of football".

In a particularly tense encounter – neither Mourinho nor Sevilla had ever lost a final – the referee distributed 13 yellow cards, including 7 to Roman players, and more than 25 minutes of stoppage time were played including those of extra time.

According to the English organization of referees PGMOL, Anthony Taylor and his family were also "harassed and insulted" by fans of Rome at the airport - facts not taken into account by UEFA, whose jurisdiction stops at the limits of the stadium.

UEFA's disciplinary proceedings also target the two clubs, for a series of offences more common on the European scene: "invasion of the field, throwing of projectiles, lighting of smoke and incorrect behavior of the team" on the Sevilla side, and "throwing projectiles, lighting of smoke, damage, crowd movements and incorrect behavior of the team" in the case of AS Roma.

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