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"Tirelessly committed to german-French relations": Merkel is awarded an honorary doctorate by President Macron's alma mater

Photo: Chesnot / Getty Images

Germany's former Chancellor Angela Merkel has already held 19 honorary doctorates from renowned universities – and now she has received a 20th such award. The Parisian elite university Sciences Po is now also awarding the CDU politician the title.

Merkel is a stateswoman with an extraordinary career, one of the political personalities who had the greatest impact on the construction of Europe after the Cold War, the university announced.

Merkel has worked tirelessly for german-French relations and international cooperation, and her essential and exemplary role in the migration crisis of 2015 will be remembered.

Angela Merkel is expected to receive the award on June 27 and give a speech to students. In France, Sciences Po is considered the "university of power". Graduates include President Emmanuel Macron, as well as more than 20 former heads of state and government and top business executives.