"Drug crimes and violent crimes among young people stand out," says SVT reporter Carl Malmborg.

Here are the detainees in Dalarna – SVT explains in the video above

"An emergency"

A total of 48 people were detained in the county at the end of May – a record high.

"This is an urgent situation," says Prison and Probation Director Olof Vahlström.

Dalarna's only detention center is in Falun and has 34 places. By using visitor rooms, it has been possible to increase the number of places. In addition, several detainees have remained in police custody while waiting for vacant detention places.

"It's not good, a detainee should be in custody. The police have other things to do and the inmate has rights that we must monitor.

"The solution is very simple"

The head of the prison service describes that the situation has become increasingly acute in the past year and that the entire judicial chain is strained.

"We are constantly working to solve the lack of space, we are moving around and easing the pressure," says Olof Vahlström.

How to resolve the situation?

– The solution is very simple, more detention and prison places are needed and then, of course, more staff.