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Impact crater at a clinic in Kiev

Photo: IMAGO/Maxym Marusenko / IMAGO/NurPhoto

A deadly Russian missile attack in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv is now also occupying the judicial authorities. As Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed, it is to be determined why three people were killed in the attack on Thursday night. Previously, there had been reports that the people had not made it into a shelter because it was locked.

He had asked the presidential office to release the head of the affected Desnyansky district, Dmytro Ratnikov, from his post for the duration of the investigations, Klitschko wrote on Telegram.

In Desnyanskyj, a hospital had been shelled during the night. The husband of a woman who was killed later complained that the people had been at the mercy of the Russian missiles because they had pounded on the doors of the bomb shelter, but no one had opened them. Initially, the descriptions could not be independently confirmed.

Meanwhile, Klitschko announced that he would also have the shelters checked in all other Kiev districts. In total, three people were killed in the latest attack, in which, according to Ukrainian data, ten Iskander missiles of different types were fired, including a child. The deaths and injuries of a total of 16 other people were apparently caused by falling debris.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense had announced that all missiles had been shot down. Klitschko also spoke of "fragments that hit the entrance of a medical facility". A total of three schools, a kindergarten, six houses and a police station were damaged.

Russia is currently shelling the Ukrainian capital particularly fiercely. In May, more missiles, cruise missiles and drones were fired at Kyiv within a month than at any time since the beginning of Russia's war of aggression more than 15 months ago.