– It is the complainants who have the burden of proving that the decision is illegal. We have concluded that there are no grounds for rescinding the decision, says Kristina H Samuelsson, alderman in a press release.

Fifty-one municipal members appealed the Children and Youth Committee's decision in March earlier this year. The members requested that the decision be annulled and the main argument was that they considered that the decision should have been taken by the municipal council and that the board had not taken into account the best interests of the child according to the Education Act and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Administrative Court does not consider that the appeals have revealed anything to show that the Children and Young People's Committee has exceeded its powers.

This is how it sounded when the decision was presented:

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Elias Aguirre (S), municipal commissioner and chairman of the child and youth committee Photo: Carl Larsson/SVT