The guard has trained new guards for over 20 years and at the time of the incident ran his own security company worth millions.

During the investigation, he was stripped of the license to be a security guard by the County Administrative Board. He appealed to the Administrative Court of Appeal but was rejected.

In an email to the prosecutor, the guard's private lawyer writes that a trial would involve great financial damage and threatens a lawsuit.

– The damage XX would already suffer through an application for a lawsuit is therefore from a purely damages perspective adequate causal in relation to the Swedish Prosecution Authority's actions, writes lawyer Anders Göran Ryberg in an email to the prosecutor.

Grabbed his thumb

The security guard in Luleå denies the crime and believes that the victim tried to harm him.

In the footage from the surveillance camera, the security guard says that it is clear that the suspected shoplifter tried to harm him by grabbing his thumb.

"Feels a terrible pain in the thumb and is convinced that the thumb will come off," says the guard in interrogation.

Denies stranglehold

The security guard denies that he strangled the man from behind and believes that the tibia was placed over his face to stop the man from biting.

"The interrogator asks if XX puts his knee or tibia over the man's neck and XX explains that he never pressed against his neck in any way."

The defense now plans to sue the state both because they have focused the investigation on pinning the guard, and that the prosecution is unfounded. The price tag is set at several million, which you hear more about in the clip above.