The Cabinet approved a government plan this month that includes 263 deregulation measures, such as processing personal information of medical records and other medical data so that it can be used for drug research and development without consent.

The government's Council for Promotion of Regulatory Reform approved a report on January 1 that included 263 deregulation measures.

The report states that it will consider the development of legislation so that if personal information from medical data such as medical records is processed, it can be used for research and development of pharmaceuticals and other initiatives in the public interest without the consent of the individual.

In addition, in order to enable the use of AI in the examination of corporate contracts, we have created new guidelines and other measures to create an environment that promotes the use of AI while taking safety into consideration.

Furthermore, in order to solve the labor shortage in the medical field, nurses will be able to perform part of the work of doctors, and the government will consider relaxing safety standards in order to use large drones to transport supplies.

Prime Minister Kishida stated, "I hope that you will work on regulatory reforms that hinder innovation, create an environment in which startups can play an active role, and reform the economy and society in response to changes with a sense of urgency."

This month, the government will make a Cabinet decision on a plan for implementing regulatory reform that incorporates the contents of the report.