A boy under the age of 10 fell five stories straight into an elevator shaft during an ongoing rescue operation on Wednesday. The apartment building is owned by the municipal housing company Famijebostäder, which states that so far they have no indications that anything has been wrong with the lift.

– We want to get access to the lift again, then you have to do a technical analysis with our partners, says Katrin Amgarth,

Right now, they are waiting for permission from the police to fix the elevator that is closed.

Elevator from 1939

The house dates from 1939 and the lift is just as old.

"It has been modernised and we have installed a folding door," says Katrin Amgarth.

Are there often problems with the lifts?

"We receive fault reports at regular intervals, but in general many of our houses are older and lack lifts.

Taken by the accident

The boy was taken to Sahlgrenska where he is being treated with serious injuries. After the accident, representatives of Familjebostäder were on site at the apartment building.

"It's terrible what has happened, we're very taken. We were on site all day yesterday, talking to the tenants. We will also see what we can do to make them feel safe.