• Mental health Ana Guerra: "I've been in therapy for two and a half years, it has helped me a lot and I don't want to finish it"
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Four days ago, Ana Guerra (29) posted three photographs, enjoying Barcelona. However, the text with which he accompanied the publication did not match the smile he wore in the images. And, on Instagram, the former triumph denounced an uncomfortable moment, which she lived in Barcelona. "While I was taking these photos, a Moroccan stole my bag and while he was putting it in his backpack, Victor Elias asked him, with a bad face, and returned it to me. So thank you, honey, for the photos and the bag," she wrote.

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As a result, almost two thousand followers commented on his words. Some empathized with their situation. But others criticized, in a radical way, the fact that the singer has put the nationality of the thief in her writing. "You have sneaked a bit of racism in the text", "was it necessary to say the nationality of the kid?", "if it were a Spaniard ... Would you say that a Spaniard stole your purse?" and "Did you ask for your ID to know that he was Moroccan?" were some of the comments.

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Víctor Elías talks about his nose surgery: "I breathed 30% of what I could breathe"

  • Writing: ANDREA M. ROSA DEL PINO Ibiza

Víctor Elías talks about his nose surgery: "I breathed 30% of what I could breathe"

Subsequently, the interpreter of Bajito edited the publication and changed the word "Moroccan" to "boy". However, he did not give further explanations, until this Tuesday, when he reached the Unicxs photocall. An event organized by Cadena Dial and Merck to make multiple sclerosis visible. "I try to do my bit to help in any way I can, that's why I'm here today. In my environment there is no one who suffers from this disease. But I have an aunt who has ALS and it's similar," she said.

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Despite this, Ana could not avoid questions about the robbery she suffered. "I'm fine, it's all good. I think everything that had to be said I said through social networks, "he said, and then delved into the issue of the alleged racism of which they accuse her. "It's all been a misinterpretation. But I think this clarifies ... We have a little glass skin, but nothing happens. Social media has these things. Sometimes they are wonderful and at other times what has happened these days happens, "he explained.

On the other hand, the artist also wanted to talk about the return of Operación Triunfo, which this year will be presented by Chenoa, on Amazon Prime. "I couldn't watch the press conference, because I was at the soundcheck of this concert. But I think it's a super success that they have chosen Chenoa. Long live nostalgia! I'm very pronostalgic," he said, laughing. Although she became serious again when she had to refer to her partner Alejandro Sanz, who has declared to be going through a bad time, on a mental level.

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"I'm with him... But what I had to tell him, I already told him. And yes, I think it is positive to talk about this issue, because in the end we are all the same. We need to take care of the body and soul in equal parts. You know that I promote therapy and I promote mental health a lot. And well, life is a roller coaster and you have to learn to pass it, "he said.

"I hope talking about this is worth something. Artists have a speaker, which can produce as many positive things as negatives. But if after listening to us, someone, in your house, says 'jope. Well, maybe, going to therapy would not hurt me' and is encouraged to go, without having to think something ugly, it is worth it, "said the Canarian, who is promoting her new single Si me quisieras.

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