Three underground train stations and eight kilometers of railway, most of it underground. This is what the West Link is about in one sense.

Right from the start, this was a controversial project. Above all, the criticism has been about the opponents not wanting the disruptive construction in the city, which has already been going on for several years, and which currently looks to be completed in 2029. The reluctance to the congestion charge has been at least as strong. The tax that largely finances the construction.

Discontent party became third largest

This very opposition first brought the Road Elections party into municipal politics, and made the Democrats the city's third largest party in the 2018 election.

Not least, the Democrats got wind in their sails after the city's political majority chose not to follow the will of the people in the consultative referendum held in 2014 on whether the congestion tax should be or should not be.

56.8% then voted no, and 43.2% for the introduction of congestion tax.