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The purchase of a child bicycle seat is one of the mandatory steps for cycling parents. It is indeed essential that your child is safe during your bike trips, whether short or long. To help you offer the best to your child, without breaking the bank, we have selected the 5 best models of bike seats.


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It's hard to choose from all the models of bike seats on the market! And yet, you have decided to share your bike rides with your child to create nice memories or simplify your travels. Nevertheless, you need to buy an essential accessory for safety: a bicycle seat. Commonly, children aged 9 months to 3 years are placed at the front. When the child exceeds 15 kilos and can thus compromise the stability of the bike, it is advisable to opt for a bicycle seat on the back of the bike. To make the right choice of child bike seat, we have put together a selection of the 5 best models for you.


  • The Thule RideAlong bike seat, one of the most popular
  • The Hamax child bike seat for its simplicity
  • The Polisport child bike seat for its quality/price ratio
  • The bike seat at the front Youngrow for more complicity
  • The Timeflie bike seat for its universality

Our top 5 best child bike seats

The Thule RideAlong bike seat, one of the most popular

Thule's RideAlong bike seat is one of the highest rated on Amazon. Indeed, without being too expensive, it offers technical characteristics that will interest all parents looking for a quality bike seat for their child. On the one hand, the seat can be assembled and disassembled in just a few seconds. It is also compatible with the majority of executives. This bike seat has a maximum load capacity of 22kg. It also has a safety harness and built-in protective wings to protect the child's hands. The foot straps and footrest are adjustable with one hand, which will allow you to install your child on the seat very quickly. The little extra? The 5 tilt positions up to 20 degrees! Your child will then be installed very comfortably to follow you everywhere!


The Hamax child bike seat for its simplicity

The Hamax brand child bicycle seat is especially suitable for parents in a hurry who do not have time to spend hours positioning their child's bike seat. Indeed, this model attaches very quickly to the luggage rack, which makes it a very easy product to assemble. The weight of the child should not exceed 22kg. This bike seat includes a harness and a one-handed handy footrest. The bike seat comes with an adapter to attach it to the luggage rack. This item is perfectly compatible with all luggage racks from 120 to 180mm wide, with a fixing rail diameter of 10 to 20mm. If you do not have a luggage rack, the bike seat can be put on the tube of your saddle, but you will need to get additional parts.


The Polisport child bike seat for its quality/price ratio

The Polisport child bike seat is one of the best on the market. This seat is to be fixed on a frame like most products of this type. It is suitable for children from 9 to 22 kg, who will be able to accompany their parents on their bike rides safely. On this model, we see a 5-point safety harness. Its shape is also suitable for wearing a helmet to offer your child better comfort. Speaking of comfort, your child will benefit from an adjustable safety footrest to prevent the child's feet from touching the wheels of the bike. Easy to use, this bike seat hangs and removes in seconds with a button system. A low-cost product for all parents!


The Youngrow front bike seat for more complicity with your child

Among the most popular bike seats is this child front seat from the Youngrow brand. This model is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old with a maximum weight of 24 kg. If child bike seats are rarer in the front, this nevertheless promotes communication between parents and their offspring unlike rear saddles that break exchanges more easily during trips. This children's saddle is compatible with all mountain bikes but is not suitable for hybrid, road or electric bikes. Thanks to this accessory, you will be able to exchange beautiful moments of complicity and intimacy with your child. Installed at the front, it will also feel more actor of the movement and will have the impression of riding like a big one. "I bought this product and I am extremely satisfied with the value for money. The saddle is well designed, the handlebars are stable, the doorbell is very appreciated by my child and the mudguard adds an aesthetic touch to the bike. My 2 year old loves it!! This price is really competitive compared to other similar products on the market. Top!", writes a delighted Amazon customer.

The Timeflie bike seat for its universality

The Timeflie bike seat is very popular. And for good reason, this model, although sold at a low price, was designed with a high-end material. Its aluminum alloy makes it non-deformable, durable and corrosion resistant. This model is very easy to install and allows your child to accompany you in all your outings. The latter is universal and suitable for mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, touring bikes, road bikes or motorized bikes ...


What age for the bike seat?

All models presented are indicated for children over 9 months of age. And for good reason, it is not recommended to use bicycle seats for younger children. Indeed, children must be able to sit alone so as not to compromise their safety and the balance of the bike. Children up to 3 years old (weighing up to 15 kilos) can use a front bike seat, while older children will have to stand in the back for more comfort for the driver. Small precision: Since March 22, 2017, the wearing of helmets is mandatory for children under 12 years old, even if they are passengers.

How do I put on a child bike seat?

Several types of bicycle seats exist commercially. For younger children, the bicycle seat to be placed in the front is particularly indicated. These models are installed on the frame between the saddle and the handlebars. As for the bike seats that are placed in the back - which are more frequent! - Some models attach to a luggage rack or seatpost. So many different models that must be chosen according to your type of bike!

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