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  • PP Guardiola will begin negotiating this week with Vox in Extremadura: "The president will be me"

The PP candidate for the Junta de Extremadura, María Guardiola, maintains her pulse with Vox although she needs Abascal's party to be the first woman president of Extremadura. In a public appearance this morning at the headquarters of the party, he has assured that the candidate of the formation of Abascal in this autonomous community, Ángel Pelayo-Moreno (former councilor of the PP in Mérida), has not yet called her after the elections to congratulate her. Even so, he has assured that he will sit with him "as with the rest of the parties" during the next few days, although he has also stressed that his intention in the first place to do so with Guillermo Fernández Vara, the acting president of the Board, who yesterday took a step back in his intention to leave politics assured that he will also present his candidacy to the Board. "I will try to convince him that the best thing for Extremadura is his abstention," insisted Guardiola, who reaffirmed that Vara's change responds to a "last service to sanchismo, putting the interests of the people of Extremadura first, although he knows that his candidacy cannot prosper because he does not have support, but uses the institutions for it. "

Guardiola has confirmed that he will present himself to the investiture to form a government, as well as that he keeps intact his intention to govern alone, without the need to give entry to Vox, a party to which he transfers all responsibility for the future options of the socialist Guillermo Fernández Vara. The president of the PP Extremadura has confirmed that the PP will not let Vara govern under any circumstances "because his time is over, as the people of Extremadura have said and he himself said on election night."

It should be remembered that PP and PSOE tied seats on 28M, with 28 deputies each, although it was the Socialists who counted the largest number of ballots at the polls. Vox, with five deputies, is the key to reaching an absolute majority in the Extremadura parliament, which stands at 33, while Unidas por Extremadura, obtained three parliamentarians.

"They will have to ask Vox if it is going to allow this land to continue to be governed by the PSOE, but that will no longer be my responsibility nor the responsibility of my party. And we have said it very clearly, I am not going to support an investiture of Mr Fernández Vara. I don't plan to do it," he said.

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