Full to the flag in the auditorium of the W Hotel in Barcelona in which the Cercle d'Economia, influential association of Catalan economic power, has received the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, in his first public act after the regional and municipal elections. The leader of the opposition, much applauded, has promised "a calm and serene change" if he manages to govern after the generals. He has caressed the ears of the attendees assuring that he wants "Catalonia to be key" in the priorities of his eventual Government. "The Catalans are the most splendid in Spain because they pay the most taxes. They are patriots and I congratulate them, "he has ironized starting new applause. He has not guaranteed that he will abolish the Wealth Tax until he sees the situation of the accounts – "there is no need to demagogue" – but he has criticized its existence. Clearer has been in favor of "adjusting the IRPF to medium and low incomes" and a "lowering of the electricity bill" to consumers and companies.

Very asked about his pacts with Vox, Feijóo has refused to enter that debate. "I'm not going to waste a minute explaining what my goal isn't." My goal is a government with a sufficient majority with a broad vision, "he said and has included "calling the PSOE" and "trying to agree on reforms." "At my age I do not come to the Government to be, but to be useful," he reaffirmed.

Feijóo has criticized that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has not coincided the general elections with those of May 28, because "he would have saved hundreds of millions" and has regretted that they take place on July 23 "in holiday exodus", which may cause lower participation. But "having said that", he described as "good news" that they are done "as soon as possible" to put an end to "the frivolous policy of the last five years".

The president of the Cercle, Jaume Guardiola, has thanked him for his presence, since Sánchez has canceled his participation at the last minute. "A leader must always show his face," Feijóo took advantage of to value his presence.

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