• Interview Daniel Diges: "The public has come to insult me during the function of Kinky Boots"

A few days ago, Alejandro Sanz confessed through social networks that he is not going through his best personal moment. "I'm not well. I don't know if this helps, but I want to say it. I'm sad and tired," said the singer in a burst of sincerity applauded by his followers. Now it has been Daniel Diges who stepped forward and has told a hard episode that he lived when he was only 18 years old, a time when he was part of the main cast of Nothing is forever, fiction in which he played Gato.

"When I was 18 years old, I was in Coruña doing Nada es para siempreI went through a very fat depression. I went to a psychologist to treat him, from there I began to learn many things, thank God for having caught him at that age I have not caught one again, "he began saying, bringing to light this situation that, fortunately, has already overcome.

Next, Daniel has said that "they hit me when I was doing the series, I played Cat and they hit me in a nightclub because I was young, they beat me up, I spent a few months quite fucked, notice that I was here on the crest, being the protagonist of a musical. They called me from TV, I didn't dare to tell it, I've told it very few times, but I passed it and that's it, nothing happens."

In addition, he explained that he is focused on treating his mental health, so he always looks for ways to ask for help when he needs it. "But it is true that I have had very difficult moments to be working from Tuesday to Sunday musicals that had no life, that I did not see my family, traveling, I have also gone through hard times and nothing happens. The important thing is to grab it and pull forward, "he added to Europa Press.

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Daniel Diges is not only known for the aforementioned series that marked a whole generation in the late 90s and early 2000s, he also participated, in 2010, in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Algo pequeñito, with which he achieved the 15th place in the ranking of countries. Undoubtedly, the singer, who is immersed in his new musical project, wanted to make known what he lived in order to make visible the importance of mental health, something that other celebrities such as Marta Pombo, Dani Martín and Laura Escanes, among many others, have already done.

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