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Much had been speculated about the return of Ana Obregón to Spain. It was believed that the day chosen to return with her granddaughter in her arms would be April 19, because it was the day of the official launch of the book that her son began writing and finished herself, The Boy with Shrews.

Then it was said that perhaps he would come for the promotion of the program Mask Singer, of Antena 3, in which he participates. But he missed the promotion in situ and did it online.

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Alessandro Lequio doesn't want to meet his granddaughter

Alessandro Lequio doesn't want to meet his granddaughter


Alessandro Lequio breaks his silence: "It makes me sad that my son is once again the protagonist of today"

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Alessandro Lequio breaks his silence: "It makes me sad that my son is once again the protagonist of today"

Finally this Wednesday, May 31, Ana Obregón has landed early in the morning in Spain, to start a new stage of her life with her granddaughter.

Obregón, inside the car that picked her up at the airport. GTRES

As can be seen in the images of this expected reappearance, the legendary presenter wears a summer look, composed of a long white dress with blue print. Very smiling, the interpreter who starred in Ana and the 7 gets into the vehicle that will take her and her granddaughter to her home, where, probably, some relatives will wait for her to meet the biological daughter of Aless Lequio.

Obregón and his granddaughter at the airport in Madrid.GT

This new staging by Ana Obregón also involves an uncertain horizon and tense encounters. Do not forget that, the position of his ex, Alessandro Lequio, has been categorical and despite not having spoken in depth for the due respect he has for his son, everything indicates that in some things he would not agree with the actress. Now, it remains to be seen what new steps Ana takes in this new stage of her life in which she has recovered the illusion after three years of mourning for the death of her son, but also that of her two parents, Antonio García Fernández and Ana María Obregón Navarro.

How have the months been

At the end of March, Ana Obregón became the absolute protagonist of the cuché paper. Some images transcended that sowed a great controversy in our country, together with his granddaughter Ana Sandra, although at that time it was believed that she was his daughter. Later, she herself clarified in the magazine ¡Hola! that the newborn had arrived in this world as a result of surrogacy through a sample of frozen sperm from her son Aless Lequio, who died on May 13, 2020.

The little girl was born at the Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami, United States, a city where the actress has been for two months, to also carry out the relevant health monitoring of the little girl and get away from the media spotlight.

"The first thing you have to know is that this little girl is not my daughter, but my granddaughter. She is the daughter of Aless and when she grows up I will tell her that her father was a hero, so she knows who he is and how proud she has to be of him. The decision to start with the surrogacy process, which implies, as you know, the participation of an egg donor and a surrogate, I made the day my child went to heaven. That same day. What people don't know is that this was Aless' last will," Obregón told the aforementioned media.

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