The Dow Jones index fell 0.15% to 33,042.78 points while the S&P 500 remained stable (+0.00%) at 4,205.52 points. Driven by technology and especially semiconductors related to the development of artificial intelligence (AI), the Nasdaq concluded up 0.32% to 13,017.43 points after rising more than 1.4% in session.

Today's event was the rise of Nvidia, the maker of ultra-powerful processors sought after for AI, within the very closed circle of groups worth more than $1 trillion on Wall Street.

At the opening, the Santa Clara group exceeded this threshold for the first time in its history, the share, which has taken 175% since the beginning of the year, passing well above $ 404.86 to cross this limit.

The company has thus joined the five behemoths of Wall Street whose valuation on the stock market goes beyond 1,000 billion. These are four American tech giants (Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet) and the Saudi oil group Saudi Aramco.

In the second half of the session, however, Nvidia reduced the wing and fell below this symbolic bar to close up 2.99% to $ 401.11.

- Debt deal in focus -

"Nasdaq has led the way with Nvidia joining the mega-valuation club (...) but the spotlight remains on Washington and the House of Representatives," Oanda's Moya said.

The lower house is due to vote Wednesday on the draft debt deal reached between the White House and congressional leaders. The Senate could vote this weekend.

In broad outline, the agreement sealed this weekend raises the public debt ceiling of the United States for two years. It is currently set at $31.400 trillion.

It provides for a $10 billion cut in funding for tax services to modernize and imposes new conditions for receiving certain social benefits.

However, the vote in Congress is not a given and the text is the subject of fierce resistance from some elected officials on both sides.

"It will take little for the agreement in principle to be derailed, but optimism is in order," with investors "believing that Congress is not going to put the economy at risk by triggering a preventable catastrophe," Moya said.

The agreement must be ratified before June 5, after which, according to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the United States will run out of cash to pay its deadlines.

On the macroeconomic front, consumer confidence in the United States fell in May to its lowest level since November. This slightly clouded the indices that had started on a better basis at the beginning of the session.

On the value side, Tesla climbed 4.14% to $ 201 as the boss of the electric vehicle manufacturer moved to China where he met with the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Ford gained 4.09% to $12.59 after a favorable note from analysts.

Shares of the Kohl retail chain fell 5.14% to $19 after it suffered, like rival Target last week, a volley of protests on social media because the brand sells items celebrating the LGBT+ community and "Gay Pride".

On the bond market around 20:20 GMT, yields eased to 3.69% against 3.79% Friday for ten-year Treasuries.

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