• Balearic Islands Arrested after trying to kill her two children aged 4 and 14 in Manacor

The woman arrested on Sunday in Manacor after trying to kill her children, minors, poisoned the food with raticide, as the investigators of the case have concluded, according to a statement from the National Police.

The agents who took charge of the investigation have found in the home of the now detained numerous medications, many of them benzodiazepines, and a package of rat poison inside which was missing more than half.

The National Police has also verified that the suspect, of Honduran origin, administered sedatives to her two minor children and then prepared food for the three, at which time he allegedly poisoned her with raticide.

The woman, who would also have ingested pills, drank salfumán and warned of what was happening to her ex-partner, father of one of the minors, who at that time was sleeping in another bedroom of the house.

The agents intervened the food prepared by the woman, which is being analyzed.

The National Police arrested the Son Espases University Hospital in Palma to the woman for trying to end the lives of her children of 14 and 4 years at her home in Manacor (Mallorca) after supplying them with medicines, while she took salfumán to commit suicide, which she did not get.

Fortunately, there is no fear for the lives of any of them, who continue to be admitted to the islands' reference health centre.

Apparently, the woman tried to end the lives of her children but the call to the police by her ex-partner alerted of the situation. The Homicide Group took over the investigation of the attempted murder.

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