Cameroon: two terrorist attacks bloody the Far North

A double terrorist attack caused many victims in the Far North of the country on the night of Monday to Tuesday, May 30. Four victims in the town of Mora in Mayo-Sawa and three others dozens of kilometers away in the department of Logone and Chari. Attacks not claimed, but in this region where Boko Haram has been raging for 10 years, all eyes are on this terrorist nebula.

A man rides a bike outside Maroua, in Cameroon's Far North (illustration image) AFP - PATRICK MEINHARDT

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With our correspondent in Yaoundé, Polycarpe Essomba

Videos of the victims of the attack at a checkpoint in the town of Mora, Mayo-Sawa were shared on social media. Four bodies can be seen lying in blood, with shredded limbs. After identification, it was revealed that they were a civilian, a police officer and two customs officers, all of whom were on duty at this joint police, gendarmerie, customs and forest guard checkpoint.

Around midnight on the night of May 29-30, they were surprised by unidentified gunmen who, without warning, opened fire on them, according to local sources. The attackers then set fire to the checkpoint before fleeing, narrowly avoiding the arrival of reinforcements from the Multinational Joint Task Force stationed just 3 kilometres from the site of the attack. On Tuesday morning, an unexploded grenade was recovered from the site by defense and security forces.

On the same night of 29 May, another attack was perpetrated in the town of Zigagué, also in the Far North. This left 3 dead including a soldier and 2 attackers. The two attacks have not been claimed, but for the authorities, there is no doubt that the perpetrators of these crimes come from the ranks of the Islamist sect Boko Haram. NGOs working in the region report that, despite appearances, terrorist attacks and kidnappings for ransom are still rife in the region. With an average of 25 to 30 armed incursions per month.

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