Mélina Facchin (in Strasbourg), edited by Laura Laplaud / Photo credit: MARTIN BERTRAND / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 10:28am, May 30, 2023

It is a practice that has become more and more widespread in recent years and that raises questions: public hospitals make their parking pay. The bill is often very salty, sometimes several tens of euros for a day, whether you are patient or visitors. Europe 1 went to Strasbourg where the practice does not please everyone.

Caen, Lorient, Toulouse, Lyon or Avignon: over the past ten years, more and more hospitals have chosen to privatize their car parks. In Strasbourg, the practice does not please. After a free first half hour, which most visitors and patients exceed, the parking lot of this Strasbourg hospital quickly becomes very expensive. "For 3h56, I paid 6.30 euros," explains this Strasbourgeoise at the microphone of Europe 1.

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"We don't come shopping"

"We visited my grandmother who has been hospitalized for ten days now and we come quite regularly, so it's clear that the parking is quite expensive", "it's a hospital, it would be nice if it was free", "we do not come to shop", testify these visitors who preferred that access be free.

"There is a risk that this service will no longer be a public service type of service"

For his part, Frédéric Bizard, president of the Institut Santé deplores these unreasonable rates. "Companies like Indigo, Q-Park, Vinci are becoming the managers of this service of access to these hospitals, and therefore access to care. And so you may have a bill to pay that is unreasonable. We are at 6 euros per hour for some, 18 euros for two hours. And obviously, when you put a financial barrier on it, you run the risk that this service will no longer be a public service type of service," he explains. He also points out that this brings little money to hospitals.