When they came to the mainland, they witnessed the rapid development and progress of the motherland, made new friends, condensed new emotions, and felt the enthusiasm and warmth of their compatriots. They are the "communicators" of cross-strait integration and development, and the "disseminators" of positive energy. The voices of young people on both sides of the strait should be listened to by you and me. China News Network specially launched the "Youth Listening • Cross-Strait" integrated media column to jointly record the true voices of young people on both sides of the strait.

Beijing, 5 May (Zhongxin Net) -- Today, more and more young friends from Taiwan have come to the mainland to live and develop, and many of them have rooted their dreams in the fertile land of the mainland and bravely created their own piece of the world. Recently, three young entrepreneurs from Taiwan were guests on the China News Network's "Qingtian Cross-Strait" column and shared their observations on cross-strait youth exchanges and the mainland market.

Taiwan Qing Li Weiguo, Fan Jiangfeng and Xu Tao were guests on the "Qingting, Cross-Strait" column of China News Network. Photo by Cao Miaoxin

It is hoped that cross-strait exchanges can become more and more enthusiastic

This year is the 7th year of Taiwanese youth Li Weiguo's "landing", as the chairman of Huacan Factory and the founder of Sichuan Weile Technology Development Co., Ltd., he can be seen busy in many cities.

The picture shows Li Weiguo. Photo courtesy of me

In Li Weiguo's view, he is optimistic about the increasing influx of young Taiwanese entrepreneurs into the mainland market. He hoped that such cross-strait exchanges would become more and more enthusiastic.

A while ago, when Li Weiguo, who had been developing in the mainland for a long time, returned to Taiwan, he found that more and more young people on the island were interested in the mainland, including his cousin, and he had also become loyal users of mainland apps such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin.

Around the Spring Festival this year, many Taiwan delegations have come to the mainland for exchanges, and Li Weiguo also plans to organize Taiwan delegations to visit Zhuhai and launch a summer internship program for Taiwanese youth.

Last month, Li Weiguo organized Taiwanese youths to go to Sichuan to see giant pandas, and the activity registration was extremely enthusiastic, "Some Taiwan youths even rushed to apply for Taiwan compatriot permits in order to come to Sichuan to see giant pandas." Various phenomena show that cross-strait exchanges and integration are heating up, and he also hopes that more young people from Taiwan can come to the mainland to have a look.

"We can't just stop at youth exchanges"

Xiamen, which is across the sea from Kinmen, has attracted more and more Taiwanese youth due to its unique geographical advantages. Fan Jiangfeng, vice president of the Xiamen Association of Taiwan Affairs, chairman of the Youth Committee, and general manager of Xiamen Qida Taixiang Entrepreneurship Service Co., Ltd., has been rooted in the mainland for many years, and now his identity has changed into a "bridge" for Taiwanese youth to start a business in the mainland.

Fan Jiangfeng has presided over the Successful Sharing of the Future Salon. Photo courtesy of me

In Fan Jiangfeng's Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurship Base, more than 500 entrepreneurial projects have been landed, and more than 1500 million yuan of subsidies have been helped to help entrepreneurs apply for subsidies. As a witness and helper of Taiwan youth's entrepreneurship on the mainland, Fan Jiangfeng believes that cross-strait exchanges will certainly become more and more intensive in the future.

Fan Jiangfeng said that as a "comer-by", I believe that in the future, more young talents from Taiwan will come to the mainland for development, and even more high-tech industries and professional talents will come to the mainland.

"All (cross-strait) integration and development cannot just stop at the field of youth exchanges." Fan Jiangfeng said. He encouraged more and more young people on both sides of the strait to have exchanges and truly integrate.

"If you don't cross this bay strait, you will never know how big the world is!"

After graduating from university, Xu Tao, a Taiwanese youth, accepted an invitation from a mainland classmate who was an exchange student in Taiwan and came to Zhongguancun in Beijing. Currently, he is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Beijing Zhigong Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

Xu Tao was listed on the Forbes China 2020 Under 30 list in <>. Photo courtesy of me

This "post-90s" Taiwanese youth had three entrepreneurial experiences during his college years, but due to Taiwan's limited market size, they all did tepidly. Now, riding the east wind of mainland development, Xu Tao has been in the mainland for 6 years to start a business, and he has been listed on the Forbes China 2020 Under 30 list in <>.

Speaking of cross-strait exchanges, Xu Tao said that more should be promoted, and it is precisely because the people on the island are not familiar with the mainland that many prejudices against the mainland will arise.

At present, more and more young Taiwanese are flocking to the mainland. Xu Tao believes that this is a good thing, only by coming to the mainland to understand, can we see the real continent.

The year before last, Xu Tao was invited as the keynote speaker of the Straits Forum, and he especially shared a sentence with young people in Taiwan: "If you don't cross this bay, you will never know how big the world is." He believes that young people in Taiwan should come to the mainland more often, improve their pattern and vision, and perhaps find a world suitable for their own development in the mainland.

Xu Tao also mentioned that in the mainland's entrepreneurial circle, he sees a lot of new ideas and is very dynamic, and it is this kind of environment that will be very attractive to young people. (End)