Russian troops have repeatedly attacked the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. On the 29th, there were missile attacks during the day, and President Zelensky strongly criticized Russia, saying, "This is the daily life of children," along with images of children running away while screaming.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced on the 29th that the Russian military launched a total of 75 cruise missiles and drone attacks from early morning to early morning, of which 67 missiles and drones were intercepted.

Furthermore, just before noon local time, on the evening of the 29th, Japan time, the Russian military again fired a total of 11 missiles and announced that they had intercepted all of them.

According to the city authorities in Kyiv, several downed fragments have fallen on buildings and roads in the city, and one person has been injured so far.

In an area lined with commercial facilities, fragments fell at a busy intersection and burst into flames, and a man who works nearby told NHK, "I thought an explosion had occurred nearby, and there was a fire on the road."

City officials posted on social media: "It was just six hours after the nighttime attack, attacking a peaceful city during the day when citizens were in the streets. Russia has made it clear that it is trying to kill civilians."

In addition, Ukrainian President Zelensky strongly condemned the Russian attack, posting on social media that "this is the daily life of Ukrainian children" along with a video of children walking in the street running away while screaming after a loud explosion.

The Russian military has repeatedly attacked the capital, including drone attacks against Kyiv and other cities on the 1th.

Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Defense Mallar emphasized on social media on the 6th, "For the Ukrainian people, Kyiv is not just the capital, but a symbol of fortitude and resistance.