The men are in their 20s and 50s. The arrest took place on Sunday.

"They have not yet been heard. They are suspected of violating the Protection Act and it concerns a protected object in Luleå municipality. I can't comment more than that," says Moa Ejnestrand.

Flew drones over protected objects

According to information to Aftonbladet, which first reported on the incident, it must be two men who have flown drones and photographed protected objects in Luleå. Prosecutor Ejnestrand does not want to confirm this at this time.

According to information to TV4 News, the men have been arrested at Norrbotten Air Wing, F 21, after using both drones and other electronics in the area.

Air exercise and summit

A major air exercise with 14 nations is underway in Luleå – and preparations are in full swing for a summit on Tuesday and Wednesday between the EU and the US.

"If it has any connection to the summit or the air exercise, I have no comment at the moment," says Moa Ejnestrand.

Exercise with 120 aircraft

The Arctic Challenge Exercise 2023, or ACE 23, is being conducted for the sixth time. Around 120 aircraft, including tankers and command and control aircraft, will participate in the exercise, as well as approximately 2,700 participants led by Finland.

The aim is to strengthen the national defence of participating countries, explore common synergies and facilitate joint solutions.

Photo ban in military area

F 21 is a protected object where photography is prohibited. In the coming days, there will also be temporary restrictions regarding flight bans over Luleå.

The text will be updated when more information is available.