The singer-songwriter and writer also talks about the importance of singing in Bassa to preserve languages, save ancestral traditions that also represent a guarantee of emancipation for the future, as well as his role in the "memory commission" on Cameroon. A commission that Blick Bassy co-directs with historian Karine Ramondy, at the request of President Emmanuel Macron to clarify the role of France during the period of colonization and the war of independence.

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Somaliland, an African exception

In northwestern Somalia lies Somaliland. A former British colony, it has been in existence de facto for 30 years and has a government, an army, a Parliament, institutions and a currency. But on the international scene, Somaliland is considered a mere autonomous region. This non-recognition hinders its economic development, while the authorities try to attract foreign investors.

In DR Congo, when luxury embroidery rhymes with insertion

Their needles allow them to emancipate themselves. In DR Congo, the embroiderers of "Maison Kisany", in Goma, manufacture luxury products that are exported to Europe and the United States. Their employment in this sewing workshop created after the volcanic eruption of 2002 allows them to secure income, but also to resume studies when they wish.

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