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According to the weather forecast, last Saturday the skies of Mexico City should be clear. But fate is capricious... And Alejandro Fernández (52) had to live the same situation as his father, 39 years ago. The day Vicente Fernández presented Un mexicano en México at the monumental Plaza de Toros, in 1984, it poured rain. According to his son, it was "a torrential downpour" that only stopped half an hour before the show began.

For months, the interpreter of Se me va la voz prayed that history would not repeat itself. However, on May 20, the water was present in the former DF and collapsed the streets. The day before, Fernández had rehearsed almost eight hours to make his concert perfect. For him, performing in the same venue where his father had sung was like "graduating." But, as the Aztecs say, everything was about to go to hell... However, the passion of his fans saved Alejandro.

Regardless of the cold and rain, Fernández attracted 50,000 people and got what minutes before he promised LOC: a party, dedicated to his career and a tribute, addressed to his father. "I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also nervous, but because I never expected to follow in my boss's footsteps. My plan was never to step on the best stages of Latin America... But I've succeeded. And that's why I decided to take this responsibility and introduce myself here. Because I think life was preparing me for this moment," he said.

For El Potrillo, as he is nicknamed, everything in his life has been a surprise. From singing to becoming a reference. "I swear to you that not even my launch was prepared. My father liked to teach me things and invite me to his presentations, but never with the desire to force me. And I had not contemplated dedicating myself to singing until I was offered to record the first album. I was 19 and studying architecture. I had my doubts, but finally I said yes and here I am, living this historic moment," he said.

In recent weeks, the Latin press had labeled Fernandez's concert a legendary feat. Despite this, the singer was not worried about what the media wrote, but give his best. "I am very demanding. My father was and instilled it in me. Although he also said 'when things are working well, don't even correct mistakes'. But sometimes I do demand a lot from myself. And that, obviously, always plays against it," he said.

"Surely, I have an internal insecurity that causes me to like things to turn out perfectly. Although if there is something that my fans like and I don't, I leave it. I like that they are happy," he revealed. And that the person in charge of I dedicated myself to losing you consents to all kinds of whims to his audience. Even idealize him as a romantic man. "I'm not that romantic. What happens is that they have pigeonholed me so much ... That even my girlfriend Karla (31) demands too much from me!", he revealed.

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Even so, there are other labels that he does not mind being put, such as sex symbol. "It makes me laugh, because I don't feel like a heartthrob. I know they used to say I was one of the sexiest men, but all I did was exercise. It was to de-stress. But if people say I'm a heartthrob, who am I to contradict? Although I prefer to brag about other things. My children, for example," he explained.

Fernandez has five children and they all sing. What's more, he hopes to start a family band. "Yes, we have some plans. But we are still seeing, because the last three -America, Valentina and Emiliano- decided to dedicate themselves to music recently and are working on their proposal. And, on the other hand, Alex and Camila, who are the oldest, already have everything very clear. They're going to surprise us soon," he said, not to mention that at his concert he would introduce Alex Jr., who also dresses as a charro.

At the recital, Fernandez made it clear that he will be his son's greatest support. She wants to protect him and have the same dynamic he had with Vicente. For Alejandro, the Charro de Huentitán was his greatest idol. Therefore, when he died in 2021, he left him a great void, which caused him a "mood slump". "I used to have someone who helped me figure everything out. And knowing that that person is not there, it weighs," he told LOC, at the Viña del Mar Festival.

Despite this, that sadness has begun to fade. "I'm a sentimental person and I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold back my tears today," she confessed, her eyes moistened. "But I can tell you that I'm going to give my 200%. If my dad leaves a mark here, I will leave the last name Fernandez clean," he said. And so it was. That day there was no trace of the Alejandro of the controversies or of the one who could not maintain the balance on the stages. Fernández presented himself as sober, powerful and authentic.

Today, Fernández is rebounding and is ready to launch a new stage. One that will begin this June 17, with the tour Amor y patria, in Spain. Fernández -thanks to Planet Events- will pass through Madrid, Fuengirola, Almería, Seville, Barcelona, Torrelavega and Santa Cruz de Tenerife... And it proposes a real celebration. "We're going to sing old songs, new songs and enjoy the regional. In fact, I think that the corridos tumbados sound very similar to what some Spaniards do. Look, I have an idea... But I'm not going to tell you, because it's too good," he concluded.

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