• 28-M Elections 2023, last minute, live
  • PSOE First trial of Sánchez at the polls: "Everything can happen" after "an incredible campaign that stains the PSOE"

The proximity of the general elections for which there are only six months left, the uncertainty reflected in the polls that show a tie between blocks in the communities in dispute and the certain expectation of a possible change of Government in Spain, after the five years of mandate of Pedro Sánchez, have turned this 28-M into something more, much more, than elections in 12 autonomies, Ceuta and Melilla, and in all Spanish municipalities.

They have been of no use to the regional candidates and

municipal their desperate attempts to introduce into the campaign the issues of each territory and present their management balance to the citizens. The national contagion has reached the last people, by express decision of the two major parties,




, whose leaderships decided to measure their forces this 28-M. Without dissimulation of any kind, PSOE and PP have presented this last Sunday of May as a first round of the generals. So have the parties that will complete majorities in the two blocs.


and the parties grouped around


-with very different styles- have turned against the PP, while


has incriminated the PSOE as if it were a delinquent party. Vox's campaign, which could be decisive for the PP to govern in communities and town halls, has barely deserved media attention.

The President of the Government has used the


as an electoral artifact with countless measures of a social nature. First he made the announcements at the rallies, and days later they were approved in

Council of Ministers

. There have been so many measures that even ministers have lost count. For his part, the leader of the opposition and the alternative has made a daily, constant and permanent call for the repeal of "sanchismo" conceived as an undesirable political regime.

The socialist regional presidents did what they could to bring to the mind of the voters that they are different from

Pedro Sanchez

. The candidates of the PP assumed, very willingly, the anti-Sanchista campaign designed by the team of

Alberto Núñez Feijóo

. In the era of virality and the politics of the tweet, the PP has exploited the slogan "Que te voto


» even in depopulated villages.

Separate chapter deserves the president of the

Community of Madrid


Culture War Rhetoric

Against the left he reached more than 40 degrees of fever in the last week of the campaign. The sleepless search for an absolute majority in the Community of Madrid can explain the ardor of a personality that has revealed itself as unstoppable at the polls.

Voluntarily or involuntarily,

Isabel Diaz Ayuso

has eclipsed the figure of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who cannot overcome the decibels of the discourse of the great phenomenon of the Spanish right of the last decade. His accusations of "pouting" against the President of the Government have no precedent in the performance of his party since it was refounded in 1989 by

Manuel Fraga


Research on the

Vote fraud

by mail in


-in which the party allied with the Socialists there is involved-, the


of two candidates for councillors in


accused of buying votes, and other complaints that were petty in some Spanish municipalities against the PSOE, embittered the last hours of Pedro Sánchez's campaign. Whether or not these last-minute complaints will have an impact on the vote of Spaniards can be seen after the scrutiny of the polls.

The erosion of the coalition government after a few years of controversy and serious dysfunctions between the PSOE and Unidas Podemos can be measured in the results of these two political forces. The expectations aroused by Alberto Núñez Feijóo as president of the PP, after the spectacular trauma of the defenestration of

Pablo Casado

, are also subject to the scrutiny of the ballot boxes today. Reason why, the leader of the PP has toured Spain from end to end in the last 15 days. The marathon has been of such caliber that Feijóo has had a hard time identifying the city in which he was mitigating.

The socialist presidents of the communities that the PP has placed as mainstays of its strategy to relieve Sánchez -

Valencian Community, Aragon


Castile-La Mancha

- trust that citizens will vote with their heads set on the management of the last four years.






have resisted in the polls the tide of change that a few months ago seemed unstoppable and inevitable due to the daily stumbles of the coalition government and the alliance of legislature with the Catalan and Basque separatists. These agreements, frowned upon in many communities, have caused serious displeasure to the Socialists during the campaign for the


of ETA convicted of blood crimes in the lists of


. The resignation of these candidates helped to lessen the scandal, but only when the polls open will we be able to see if the damage has already been done.

Truce inside the blocks

Although in the last electoral calls there is a recovery of the vote of the two major parties that entered into crisis in 2015, the polls indicate that the immediate horizon to govern passes through the blocks. PSOE and the plethora of parties to its left. PP and Vox, after the collapse of


that this 28-M can directly disappear throughout Spain. The unusual and unique electoral campaign that we have left behind has had a striking characteristic. There have been hardly any clashes between the parties belonging to each bloc. To put it another way, the PSOE and its partners have not wanted to hurt themselves, nor have the PP and Vox, beyond some specific skirmish.

One of the great unknowns that weighs on the electoral count is the possibility of Podemos maintaining its representation to complete some socialist governments. In order not to lose this position, Podemos has focused its campaign on

Shooting journalists and media outlets

of communication.