Persons in charge of child-rearing policies from the ruling and opposition parties appeared on NHK's "Sunday Debate" and exchanged views on the new financial resources necessary to strengthen measures to address the declining birthrate.

▼ Former Deputy Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Hashimoto of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "There is only so much that can be done, and it is natural that there will be talk of whether to reduce someone's benefits or increase their out-of-pocket expenses in the expenditure reform in the social security field, either by issuing government bonds, asking for new burdens, or cutting expenditures. We have to discuss how to achieve rebalancing."

▼ Hiromasa Nakano of the New Komeito Party said, "We should generate financial resources through proper expenditure reform, and while we must never cut the necessary social security system, we must discuss whether we can really eliminate waste. We must not simply ask for new additional burdens, but we need to consider all options."

Onishi, Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, said, "We should be cautious about increasing social insurance premiums because it will only burden singles and childless people who do not receive benefits.

▼ Otokita, Chairman of the Political Affairs Research Committee of the Japan Restoration Association, said, "Increasing social insurance premiums, which are mainly borne by the working generation, and taking measures to address the declining birthrate is not an appropriate distribution and is clearly opposed.

▼ Communist Party Policy Committee Chairman Tamura said, "We are bound by a massive military expansion, so we are talking about a new increase in the burden on the people, and we also need fair tax reform that goes into correcting disparities, and if we do not put a scalpel in this, we will not be able to take proper measures against the declining birthrate."

Takae Ito of the People's Democratic Party said, "I would like to see a discussion on the national education bond, and investment expenses for fostering people who create excellent technologies and services should be recognized. It is necessary to diversify financial resources, but it is difficult to reform social security expenditures, and we can no longer squeeze dry rags."

▼ Mr. Oishi, co-representative of the Reiwa Shinsengumi, said, "The real source of revenue is the real economy, which is the power of the people to consume, invest in equipment, and produce. We should move away from the mistake of raising taxes in real terms."