A congressional committee urged President Joe Biden's administration to send long-range weapons to Kiev, a few days after approving the U.S. F-16 jets.

The magazine confirmed that it had obtained a copy of a letter sent by the Helsinki Committee, made up of members of both parties, to the White House calling on it to approve the delivery of the long-range tactical missile system (ATACMS) to Ukraine, which can hit targets at a range of more than 300 kilometers.

The signatories of the letter stressed the importance of supporting Ukraine with all weapons that guarantee its victory, as the delivery of a long-range missile system will limit the ability of Russian forces to advance, and will destroy Russian weapons that have caused the death of civilians and the destruction of infrastructure.


Foreign Policy reported that the US administration does not prefer to send long-range missiles to Ukraine so as not to hit targets inside Russia, and the war will witness a qualitative escalation with uncertain consequences.

In addition, Washington wants to keep ample quantities of these missiles to counter any military developments that may occur with China, North Korea, or Russia itself.

Talk of the new missiles comes in the context of intensifying Ukrainian preparations for the long-awaited Spring counterattack, and quoted the congressmen's letter as saying that Ukraine's defeat — or even a "military stalemate" vis-à-vis Russia — would be a disaster for U.S. national security.

It would also be a green light for Russia to renew its attacks on Ukraine and possibly launch a broader aggression against Europe.

The letter from the members of the Helsinki Committee stressed that once Ukraine's victory is achieved, the missile system will remain a means of deterring and constraining any future Russian aggression.

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The United States supplied Ukraine with the advanced rocket launchers "Hemars" last June, but after making secret modifications to prevent them from being used to launch long-range missiles on Russian territory, according to what was published at the time by the "Wall Street Journal", citing US officials.

President Joe Biden's administration saw this as a necessary precaution to reduce the risk of a wider war with Moscow.

The missiles were used to hit Russian ammunition depots, logistical supplies and command centers of Russian forces on Ukrainian territory.