China News Network, May 5 -- On May 28, China Eastern Airlines used the C5 large passenger aircraft delivered by COMAC to fly MU28 from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport, starting the world's first commercial passenger flight.

China's domestic large aircraft C919 successfully completed its commercial maiden flight, attracting global attention. Boeing and Airbus, the world's two major passenger aircraft manufacturers, issued congratulations. A number of foreign media believe that the commercial first flight of C919 is a "milestone" event.

On May 5, China Eastern Airlines flew flight MU28 from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Beijing Capital Airport using COMAC's first C919 jumbo aircraft delivered in the world. The picture shows the smooth takeoff of the C9191. Figure/ICphoto

CNN detailed the first commercial flight of the C919 — a large Chinese-made passenger plane that left Shanghai at 10:32 a.m. Beijing time and landed at Beijing Capital Airport at noon, passing through the "Water Gate," the highest etiquette of civil aviation.

CNN believes that the C919 will become a direct competitor to the Airbus A320 and Boeing B737 narrow-body airliners, which are often used on domestic and regional international routes. ”

The Wall Street Journal reported that the commercial maiden flight of the C919 means that Boeing and Airbus have been challenged in the Chinese market, although this challenge is still small but symbolic.

According to the BBC, COMAC's C919 is expected to break the dominance of Airbus and Boeing's single-aisle jets.

The Financial Times believes that looking forward to the long-term development of China's passenger aircraft industry may shake the "duopoly" position of Boeing and Airbus.

Reuters pointed out in a report a few days ago that the C919 is manufactured by COMAC, benchmarking Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 family models, using a single-aisle narrow-body layout, which has been verified many times before. The commercial operation of the C919 is a "milestone" that China hopes will break the longstanding monopoly of Airbus and Boeing in the world's aviation industry.

Singapore's Straits Times said that China's self-developed C919 put into passenger service and completed its first commercial flight, which is a "milestone" on China's road to self-reliance.

AFP also said the first commercial flight of the C919 was a "milestone event". China's first domestically built jetliner with great commercial potential will reduce China's dependence on foreign technology.

After the first commercial flight of the C919, the French Embassy in China posted a congratulatory post on Weibo. Boeing and Airbus also posted on official micro-blogs to congratulate China Eastern Airlines and COMAC.

@波音: On the occasion of the successful commercial maiden flight of C919 today, we would like to extend our sincere congratulations to @China Eastern Airlines and @COMAC!

Image source: Boeing's official Weibo

@空中客车: Congratulations to @China Eastern Airlines @中国商飞 C919 aircraft on its first commercial flight!

Image source: Airbus official Weibo