It was in 2019 that Uppsala University Hospital purchased an X-ray machine from Canon medical systems, something that Uppdrag Granskning was the first to reveal. In connection with this transaction, the company allegedly paid SEK 200,000 to the 64-year-old man, chief physician and operations manager at the hospital.

"My client rejects the allegations against him," says Hampus Wikerstål, a lawyer.


The deal is part of an extensive bribery case involving four companies, including Canon Medical Systems and Siemens. According to Aftonbladet, the 64-year-old man received a total of SEK 4.1 million to his private account.

The man has now been arrested by the police and is in custody for several aggravated bribery offences.

– No heading regarding counter-crimes is correct. These are false accusations," says Hampus Wikerstål.

SVT Uppsala is currently looking for a prosecutor and lawyer.

In the clip: Therefore, Hampus Wikerstål believes that the accusations of bribery are not correct.