Lionel Gougelot, edited by Laura Laplaud / Photo credit: XOSE BOUZAS / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 09:36, May 27, 2023

An administrative investigation was opened after the suicide of Lindsay, 13, a student at the college of Vendin-le-Vieil in the Pas-de-Calais. Four students suspected of being behind the harassment of the teenager were indicted as well as an adult for death threats. In middle school, the drama has freed students' voices on the scourge of bullying.

An administrative investigation was opened after the suicide of Lindsay, 13, a student at Vendin-le-Vieil College in Pas-de-Calais on May 12. Four minors were indicted for "school bullying leading to suicide". A fifth adult has been indicted for death threats. All were placed under judicial control.

In the school of 600 students, the atmosphere is now heavy. A listening cell has been set up and this tragedy frees the floor on the scourge of school bullying.

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"It's also the group effect"

After class, some students linger at the gates of the college to replace bouquets of flowers or messages of tribute to Lindsay. It is also an opportunity for some teenage girls, like Juliette, to testify to the harassment they also experience. "Stampede, insults, mockery... I was strong, strong, etc. so they kept going to see if I cracked. And when I cried in the yard, it continued until I talked about it."

Juliette is now waiting for a disciplinary procedure to be implemented, as is Flavie, a third-year student, who also has to endure daily vexations from some middle school students. "It's the desire to belittle people, it's also the group effect. In fact, the more of them, the more people feel like they are growing wings to insult others. On the one hand, I also had suicidal thoughts, but I tell myself that I don't want to give up. I do not want to abandon my loved ones, "she testifies at the microphone of Europe 1.

If Lindsay's tragedy frees up the floor on bullying, it may help prevent further tragedies, Flavie hopes. However, the victims must really be heard.