Alexandre Chauveau 09h43, May 23, 2023

This Tuesday evening, the president of the Republicans, Eric Ciotti, flies to Denmark to draw inspiration from the model in terms of immigration. According to the party, certain points of the Scandinavian country's policy would be the condition for the France to regain its sovereignty in terms of migration.

Eric Ciotti, president of the Republican Party, flies to Denmark on Tuesday evening. He will be visiting to understand the Danish model in terms of immigration, he who unveiled two bills from his group on the subject this weekend. But it is above all a measure, the "opt-out", that inspires him. It allows the country to exempt itself from a large part of European law on justice.

A solution for Ciotti's party

This is an exception dating back to Denmark's rejection of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. The Danes voted again the following year, this time "for", but on condition that they benefit from four derogations on migration policy, but also on the adoption of the euro or integration into the EU's defence policy.

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The latter option was revised last year in a referendum in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. With Denmark, only three countries have such an option: Sweden, Poland and Ireland. Dublin, for example, has decided never to join the Schengen area. Then these withdrawal options can be negotiated by the Member States when the treaties are signed.

This is why the Republicans see no other option than constitutional reform to give precedence over European law over these issues. An exception which, according to LR, is the sine qua none condition for the France to regain its sovereignty in terms of migration.