At the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, which is visited by many tourists from all over the world, on the 21st, environmental activists complained about climate change and sprinkled a large amount of black liquid on the fountain.

According to Reuters and other sources, on the 21st at the Trevi Fountain, a tourist attraction in Rome, Italy, several environmental activists sprayed a large amount of black liquid containing vegetable charcoal, dyed the spring black.

Footage distributed by Reuters shows activists dousing black liquids and unfurling banners that say they won't pay for fossil fuels.

The activists were stripped of their banners by police officers who rushed to the scene, grabbed them by the arms and bodies, and carried them out of the fountain.

Activists claim on social media that the government's continued investment in fossil fuels has caused massive flooding in northern Italy due to climate change and heavy rains.

Prime Minister Meloni was visiting the flood-stricken areas on the day of the protests following the round-up of the G7 Hiroshima Summit.

According to the mayor of Rome, Gualtieri, 30,<> liters of water must be thrown away to clean up the Trevi Fountain, and "enough of the absurd attacks on our artistic heritage".