When they came to the mainland, they witnessed the rapid development and progress of the motherland, made new friends, condensed new emotions, and felt the enthusiasm and warmth of their compatriots. They are the "communicators" of cross-strait integration and development, and the "disseminators" of positive energy. The voices of young people on both sides of the strait should be listened to by you and me. China News Network specially launched the "Youth Listening • Cross-Strait" integrated media column to jointly record the true voices of young people on both sides of the strait.

Chinanews.com, 5 May (Ma Zhuang and Chen Wentao) -- There is such a group of young people who set out from Taiwan, a treasure island, and used their cameras to record the mainland's great rivers, mountains, customs, and people. As influencers, what videos do they want to recommend to everyone? Recently, three Taiwanese youths engaged in self-media work were guests on the China News Network's "Qinglisten, Cross-Strait" column, sharing the videos they most wanted to recommend among the videos they recorded in the mainland.

"Born in Taipei, grew up in Shanghai, loves food, and the bridge between the people on both sides of the strait allows me to build with food." This is a brief introduction written by Taiqing Qu Xianping on social platforms.

He has acted in TV series and is now a food explorer influencer. "When I was a child, I had a dream to travel all over China." With a childhood dream, Qu Xianping transformed from an artist to a self-media worker "starting over".

The picture shows Qu Xianping. Photo courtesy of me

Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Zibo, Shenyang... On Qu Xianping's social platform homepage, you can see his travel "check-in" records in many places in the mainland.

Recently, a large number of tourists have "entered Zibo to catch up with the barbecue", and Qu Xianping, as a food blogger, has actually punched in long before the Zibo barbecue "became popular". Two days after the video was released, there was already a long queue in the humble shop, and the boss also sent a message to Qu Xianping to express his gratitude. In addition, his show also excavated and set fire to the Zibo barbecue "new copy" treasure shop hidden in the village.

Some netizens left messages saying that "eating is not barbecue, it is human touch" and "I like the harmonious atmosphere of your family". There are also Taiwanese netizens who left a message asking: "Zibo barbecue doesn't have to queue for 1 hour?" Qu Xianping said, "I didn't expect to make a video to make such a sense of accomplishment, and to make a store that no one knew about become so popular." ”

Taiwan Qingqu Xianping was a guest on the "Qinglisten, Cross-Strait" column of China News Network. Photo by Cao Miaoxin

For Qu Xianping, there is another video in Shenyang that he wants to share with everyone. In March, Qu Xianping and his parents went to a restaurant in Shenyang, and when they were ready to pay, the restaurant owner began to recalculate the account with a computer, and the original price of 3 yuan ended up charging only 246 yuan.

The picture shows Qu Xianping and his father in a restaurant in Shenyang. Image source: video screenshot

After the video was released, many viewers' messages attracted Qu Xianping's attention. "Because 246 minus 190 equals 56!" "This symbolizes 56 nationalities, symbolizes unity." Qu Xianping said that his father also hugged the restaurant owner warmly at the checkout, "because I think not only is the food delicious." It's also enthusiastic and wonderful," Qu Xianping said.

Also wanting to share his feelings on the mainland with netizens on both sides of the strait on a video is Chen Haoqun from Taipei. As a young Taiwanese who has lived in the mainland for 12 years, he has filmed more than <>,<> videos related to life in the mainland, and also produced the variety show "Journey to the West of Taiwan Qing".

The picture shows Chen Haoqun. Photo courtesy of me

While traveling to Shenyang, Chen Haoqun recorded a video about the city at night. In the video, he shares with Taiwanese friends the "nightlife" full of life such as roadside barbecues. Although it is so late, the northeast city is also very safe. Chen Haoqun said that he hopes that this video can let friends in Taiwan understand that every city in the mainland is very safe, and it is also very reassuring to travel, "Welcome to come here and have a look."

Tai Qingyan Yanyan has come to the mainland to study since she was in middle school and has lived in the mainland for more than 10 years. In her lens, she recorded the intangible cultural heritage of the mainland, as well as the eating, drinking and entertainment of Taiwanese youth.

But the video that impressed her the most was filmed two years ago while attending a cross-strait exchange event in Hubei. "It was also with this opportunity that I was able to have in-depth exchanges with two Taiwanese students studying at a university in Wuhan." In the video, several Taiwanese youths shared their views on the mainland and the views of their friends on the mainland.

After the video was released on overseas social platforms, the sharp increase in clicks surprised her, and then Yan Yan also received a lot of private messages, some from Taiwanese parents, they asked about many details about studying in the mainland, these questions made Yan Yan feel unexpected.

"After in-depth chatting with them, you will find that in fact, the two sides of the strait can still communicate very well, and there are still many, many topics." Therefore, Yan Yan gradually has more motivation to continue to do it. (End)