Ningbo, May 5 (Zhongxin Net) (Dong Yixin) "I agree with the saying, 'Photography is actually a way of life, everything comes from love'. On the 15th, during the award ceremony of the "Image China" image competition held in Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, Han Jing, who won the second prize in the photo category of the competition with his work "Fireworks Bloom", said.

This work takes the night as the backdrop, visually showing many young men and girls dressed in gorgeous national costumes looking and sighing under the fireworks, and their youthful faces are intertwined with the brilliant fireworks. Han Jing introduced that the work originated from the evening of October 2019, 10, when a celebration of the 1th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China was held in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

Raise the camera, press the shutter, and the moment freezes. When the video works are spliced and assembled, the image of China's cities and countries is revealed.

With the photographic work of "Dancing Robot", "Post-80s" Guo Jiangtao won the first prize in the photo category of the competition. "This competition covers a wide range of fields and is a broad stage to showcase China's modern scientific and technological progress." He said that he hopes to use cameras and mobile phones to freeze China's new changes and show the world China's cutting-edge technology and the light of scientific and technological civilization.

During the "Image China" Photo Contest Award Ceremony, attendees browsed the winning works on display. Photo courtesy of the organizer

As he said, the competition broke the boundaries of language, time and space, and set up five themes: "Light of Nature", "Fireworks on Earth", "Light of the Future", "Beauty and Harmony" and "Impression of China", and from October to December 2022, it widely solicited pictures and micro-video works from photography enthusiasts at home and abroad.

It is understood that the "Image China" image competition unites nearly 30 institutions, media and universities at home and abroad, and opens 52 divisions (41 provincial and municipal institutional divisions in China and 11 overseas divisions in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Romania, the United States, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Egypt), and collected 3,9 photographic works, more than 6,630 photographic works and more than <> micro-video works online through the online platform.

After several rounds of voting, the jury selected 5 first prizes, 15 second prizes, 25 third prizes, 51 special prizes and excellence prizes in the picture category. 5 first prizes, 15 second prizes and 25 third prizes in the micro-video category. At the same time, netizens voted online for all the works that passed the review, and 30 popularity awards were selected.

Han Lianggen, a 70-year-old photographer, is a native of Haishu District, Ningbo City. In his lenses, this local land engraved with historical imprints exudes endless charm. Therefore, recording the changes in his hometown and reflecting the development of his hometown is one of the most important things for him in the past 20 years. With his work "Admiration", Han Lianggen won the Excellence Award in the picture category of the competition. The work shows the scene of foreign friends with cameras chatting happily with villagers at the Living Art Festival held in Yangcun, Dongqian Lake City, Ningbo.

"The award ceremony of the 'Image China' Photo Competition is not only a light and shadow event, but also a grand event to showcase Chinese culture, promote exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations, and promote human society to 'face the future together'." At the award ceremony, Mao Jianjun, editorial board member of China News Service, said in his speech.

As he said, as a common language of the world, video connects you and me and communicates the world. In order to let the world better understand China and understand China, after the award ceremony, the "Image China, Beauty and Harmony" theme photo exhibition was launched on the online platform portal at home and abroad, the exhibition content not only focuses on the increasingly frequent exchanges between China and foreign countries in the fields of economy, culture, sports and health, but also focuses on images related to China outside China and all over the world, expressing the theme of "beauty and commonality" between China and abroad, and intuitively showing the vigorous development of contemporary China.

It is reported that the event is guided by China News Service and Network Communication Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, hosted by China News Photo Network, Cyberspace Affairs Office of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and Zhejiang Branch of China News Service, organized by the Propaganda Department of the Haishu District Committee of the CPC Ningbo City and the News Development Center of the Zhejiang Branch of China News Service, co-organized by various branches of China News Service and Yuanjingyun, and supported by the China Internet Development Foundation. (End)