Russia delivers new military aircraft to the Central African Republic

With these three aircraft, Russia will have delivered a total of six Albatrosses (L-39) to the Central African Armed Forces (illustration image) REUTERS/Stringer

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New Russian military planes arrived in the Central African Republic over the weekend. Three aircraft were disembarked at Bangui airport for delivery to the Central African Armed Forces (FACA). Several organizations close to the government, which denounce violations of Central African airspace, welcome a strengthening of the country's military capabilities.


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This delivery is a response to periodic violations of the country's airspace by criminals. "explained the Telegram channel of the Community of Officers for International Security, a Russian organization in the Wagner galaxy that announced Sunday the arrival of these planes, photos in support.

According to COSI, with these three aircraft, Russia will have delivered a total of six Albatrosses to the Faca, but it is Wagner's men who will have to fly and maintain them. A first aircraft had made a demonstration flight over Bangui at the end of November.

The Aero L-39, by its technical name, was built in the former Czechoslovakia, from the late 1960s to the mid-1990s. "Robust, but not very perfected" according to a specialist, it is mainly used for training and reconnaissance: "It can monitor major routes, but it is not a fighter aircraft, it has no interception capability."

These three faded paint aircraft were disembarked from an Antonov 124, and could come from a Russian base in Syria, according to an air traffic tracking site...

For the Republican Front, an organization close to the authorities, this delivery illustrates the "win-win" partnership with Russia: "Diamond/Gold/Wood equals fighter aircraft, equals security, equal stability," writes its president Héritier Doneng.

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