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The pandemic accentuated the financial difficulties of families and companies, and led to an increase in the different rates that measure the percentage of people who are at risk of poverty and social exclusion in Spain. Currently, there are already more than ten million people with low incomes in relation to all citizens.

'Nosotros', the CaixaBank programme in which we all fit, ends its first season with an approach to all the people in society who had a hard time during the pandemic – or who continue to have difficulties at specific times – because supporting those who are in a situation of poverty or at risk of social exclusion is more important than ever.

War in Ukraine

When there is an economic crisis, a strong financial sector makes the impact of that crisis much smaller and less lasting. In recent times, banks have financially helped families and businesses during the health crisis and also during the crisis resulting from the invasion of Ukraine. For example, in the pandemic, the sector as a whole approved moratoriums on its loans to almost 1.5 million families and granted financing to more than 1.2 million companies.

Precisely, in 'Nosotros' these aids are exemplified in specific cases, such as the impact that the pandemic had on the management of a small business, and how the financial support of CaixaBank was fundamental to keep the store open. Or the case of a family with difficulties to make ends meet and who was able to benefit from an aid plan.

'We' aims to show, with data and stories, that, being close to people, whether through training, financial inclusion, economic development of rural areas, or financial culture, it is easier for people to achieve what they set out to do.

Customer Support

CaixaBank has extensive experience in being close to its customers. In 2009, it launched an Aid Plan for individuals, which has made it possible to support 360,000 customers who had difficulty paying their mortgage. In addition, it has made more than 27,000 dations in payment. During the Covid pandemic, it granted 500,000 moratoriums on mortgage payments and consumer loans, and forgave rent to 4,800 households.

CaixaBank became the first bank to adhere to the Code of Good Practices and the additional transitional measures, after having carried out 35% of the operations of the entire sector of the Code in force since 2012. In some cases, adherence to one of these formulas will be the most suitable for the client, and in others, other formulas will be better.

Access to housing

For CaixaBank, promoting access for all people to decent housing has always been a priority, applying criteria of flexibility in credit restructuring and personal attention to each client. The entity has 16,535 homes for rent, of which 70%, 11,591, are for social rent. This figure includes 6,755 homes contributed to the state social housing fund, more than half of what the sector contributes.

And, for some time, the entity has focused on helping the most vulnerable through the Impulsa Program (5,500 people have gone through the Program), subsidizing rents in some cases and helping tenants to obtain the public aid to which they are entitled.

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