Désirée Nick is known as the sharpest tongue in Germany. A nasty saying against "Bauer sucht Frau" celebrity Iris Abel is now costing the entertainer dearly.

Dötlingen - It is well known that Désirée Nick (66) does not mince her words. In particular, in her podcast "Lose Luder", the cabaret artist regularly takes on stars and starlets – including "Bauer sucht Frau" star Iris Abel (53). However, she took legal action against the blasphemy and promptly won in court!

10,000 euros fine: Désirée Nick violated Iris Abel's privacy and intimacy

In 2021, Désirée Nick, who recently spoke out about curvy models on "Germany's next Topmodel", spoke with Danni Büchner about Iris Abel. On her podcast "Lose Luder", the former jungle queen claimed that Iris "stinks". The former dome show participant reacted to RTL and emphasized that she found the hurtful statement to be "bullying – and absolutely inhumane". There was never an apology from Nick. For Iris, the action no longer had anything to do with entertainment, which is why she called in her lawyer.

For Iris Abel's lawyer Stephan Mathé, the matter is clear: Désirée Nick's stink accusation is "bullying, insult, denigration and, from a legal point of view, a violation of personal rights," as he assures. However, after the blonde ignored a warning, a restraining order followed, prohibiting Nick from making any further comments of this kind. In addition, the lawyer sued for monetary compensation in court because "the infringement was so serious". The district court ruled in his favour and awarded Iris Abel a compensation sum of 10,000 euros.

Désirée Nick and the German nobility

Between 1994 and 2011, Désirée Nick was in a relationship with Prince Heinrich of Hanover. The long-standing relationship resulted in a son: Oscar Prince of Hanover. But she doesn't like to think back to her time in the Guelph family. "I had several phases in which I felt dirty – and that was always related to the family of Hanover. It made me physically and mentally ill," Désirée Nick said in an interview with Bild in 2021.

Désirée Nick wants to appeal the verdict

However, Désirée Nick wants to appeal the court's decision. "Taking action against satire with the power of the judiciary is always an embarrassment. She wanted twice as much because she doesn't understand a joke," the Berlin-born woman told Bild about the lawsuit. She is still consulting with her lawyer.

Désirée Nick claimed that Iris Abel stinked. The "Bauer sucht Frau" celebrity took legal action against this statement – and won © IMAGO / Horst Galuschka & IMAGO / Photopress Müller


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Iris Abel's legal counsel, on the other hand, assured that she would continue to defend herself against Nick. But it wasn't just the former "The Summer House of the Stars" winner who got rid of her fat. The famous blasphemy queen has also attacked Heidi Klum's daughter. According to Désirée Nick, Leni Klum does not have any model measurements. Sources used: RTL; Image