How long can the camping economy still be "red"?

Text/Han Xinning

How about not wanting to get together during the holidays? Multi-platform data shows that camping is becoming more and more popular.

The rise of camping has also attracted many people to want a piece of the pie. Some people started camping business by the river beach enclosure for a fee; Some people have switched from guesthouses to "exquisite camping", and it is said that "you can pay for yourself in 2-3 months during the peak season".

With the adjustment and optimization of epidemic prevention and control policies, the restrictions on "going out to play" are getting smaller and smaller, can the camping economy continue to maintain its heat?

From adventure to enjoyment

Zhang Xin, a college student who has just come into contact with camping, said that he is still willing to choose to go camping during this year's "May Day" holiday, "I think camping is particularly fun, there is a joy of doing it by myself, and I also enjoy the feeling of blowing the wind by the river." According to Zhang Xin, touching tadpoles and fish in the river is also the reason why she chose to camp.

Wang Yan, a camping enthusiast with three years of camping experience, feels more: there are many people who go camping now, and the camping experience has also changed a lot. Going camping before is closer to wild exploration and experience, and in the past two years, whether it is the site, equipment, or environment of camping, it is more inclined to enjoyment.

With the rise of camping, more and more people are looking at camping bases. Enterprise investigation data shows that the number of existing camping-related enterprises in China has exceeded 10,2023, and in the first quarter of 1, the number of camping-related enterprises registered in China reached 31,2022, an increase of 137.69% year-on-year compared with the same period in <>.

The "2022-2023 China Camping Industry Research and Benchmarking Enterprise Analysis Report" released earlier by iMedia Consulting predicts that the core market size of China's camping economy will rise to 2025.2483 billion yuan in 2, driving the market size to 14402.8 billion yuan.

Camping bases are usually divided into regular camping and fine camping.

Ordinary camping only needs to buy tickets, and the price ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan. However, visitors need to bring their own tents and other camping equipment. Wang Xiaoge, who has just been camping for a month, said that he spent a lot of money in the preliminary preparation of camping, "spending about 2800,<> yuan when preparing for the first camping, and then spending money in the process of upgrading and adding equipment."

Wang Yan also feels the same way, she said, in addition to daily equipment, each time for camping to prepare ingredients, decoration and other expenses are also a lot.

Exquisite camping is "all-inclusive", with merchants providing tents, folding chairs, etc. Exquisite camping is the "mainstream" of pictures and grass such as Moments of Friends and Little Red Book because of its higher appearance, high film production rate, and more convenience.

It is understood that in Beijing, a package of 8-10 people, providing tables, chairs and canopies, including tickets and stoves, is usually between 500-800 yuan, and the price of some holidays will even double.

Is the low tide of "camping fever" a high probability?

According to Ctrip's May Day holiday travel preview, domestic travel orders have reached the same level as in 2019, with a year-on-year increase of more than 7 times, and mainland outbound travel bookings have increased by more than 18 times year-on-year. The resurgence of the tourist market is diverting tourists from camping in the suburbs.

Can camping still "catch fire"? Is the camping economy still worth the investment?

Pan Helin, co-director and researcher of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center of Zhejiang University International Business School, said in an interview with China News Agency that due to the epidemic, everyone could only travel nearby, but now the situation has improved, so the "ebb tide" of camping fever is a high probability, especially in some small long holidays.

The "2022 China Cultural Tourism Camping Industry Integration Development Research Report" released by Jinlu Consulting at the end of last year also pointed out that the overall market scale growth rate of the camping economy reached a peak in 2022, and as the impact of the epidemic gradually eased and the market gradually recovered, the overall growth rate of the camping market slowed down and showed a downward trend.

How has the camping economy grown?

For longevity, the camping economy still needs to be further developed.

In Pan and Lin's view, China's camping economy is still in its infancy, and user cultivation still needs time. Many attractions are also not available for camping, camping too remote can be dangerous, and too close to the city lacks camping sites. However, China's outing economy is gradually heating up, and it may also lead to the further popularization of camping in the future.

How can the camping economy grow better?

Pan and Lin proposed that on the one hand, it is necessary to improve the camping infrastructure and provide places and sites where camping can be provided. The environment and camping behavior should complement each other and complement each other, not camping for the sake of camping, nor pursuing remoteness. Our people are not suitable for some adventurous tourism abroad.

On the other hand, there must be basic user group cultivation, including tent construction, wild survival, etc., and the camping economy will gradually develop under the cultivation of the market. "Gradually transform camping into a traditional tourism model, and transform campsites into attractions. This is a more realistic approach. ”