• Business Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina rent one of their mansions in Madrid for 10,000 euros a month
  • Finally Georgina Rodríguez and Dolores Aveiro: all the details of the expected reconciliation

Displaying their usual discretion, neither Cristiano Ronaldo, 38, nor Georgina Rodríguez, 29, have spoken about the rumors of crisis between them that have been sounding for several weeks. In fact, on April 8, the influencer shared a carousel of photographs on her Instagram profile in which the footballer appeared, in what could be understood as a way to silence any type of gossip about their relationship.

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Georgina, the mystery of her mother that she hides in the reality

  • Writing: JAVIER ORTEGA

Georgina, the mystery of her mother that she hides in the reality

However, several Portuguese media suggest that Cristiano and the influencer are not going through their personal best moment. Information that has been echoed by the Socialite program, where they have indicated, citing Portuguese media, that the rupture "could be very close". "Cristiano would be very disappointed with the Georgina he would be meeting right now. Georgina would be showing the paw, believing herself the queen and bragging, and that the player would not like anything, "they have pointed out from the Telecinco space.

On the other hand, the program Noite das Estrelas of the Portuguese channel CMTV has spoken about this alleged crisis. "Ronaldo's latest behaviors show two things: first, that his personal life does not live a moment of happiness; and second, that the further he moves away from his mother, Dolores Aveiro, the less temperate he is. And we all know why he is increasingly estranged from his family," said Quintino Aires, one of the best-known television collaborators in the neighboring country.

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"I've been saying it for months, they're not well and they're likely to break up. The reality is that Ronaldo is fed up with it. That is the reality. I keep saying that there will be no wedding, they are together to feed the product, "said Leo Caeiro, friend of the footballer's mother, who is also a collaborator of the aforementioned space.

Daniel Nascimento, who also participates in the program, in Soy Georgina you can see that the lifestyle of the model is not to the liking of the footballer: "Georgina spends the day stuck in a shopping center in Riyadh and that is one of the reasons why Cristiano begins to not make him funny. In the series he does nothing but spend, spend and spend, and worst of all, he is believed to be at the height of Cristiano.

The Portuguese heart magazine TV Guia has also indicated that the couple's crisis has opened a somewhat delicate rift between Georgina and her mother-in-law, Dolores Aveiro, 68. However, Filipa Castro, close to the footballer, has come out in defense of the couple in Manhã CM and has assured that "they are doing very well and are being advised".

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