The G7 = Agriculture Ministers' Meeting of seven major countries began in Miyazaki City, and discussions are taking place to strengthen food security. It is expected to compile a ministerial statement on assistance to rebuild Ukraine's agriculture, which was severely damaged by Russia's military invasion, and the expansion of agricultural production.

The G7 Agriculture Ministers' Meeting is being held in Miyazaki City for two days on June 22 and 23 with the main theme of strengthening food security.

On the 2nd, Ms. Mykola Solsky, Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, participated online and explained the current situation where a vast area of farmland has been damaged by Russia's military invasion.

G7 countries are expected to announce that they will remove landmines buried in farmland, restore agricultural facilities such as waterways and warehouses destroyed by Russian forces,

and help farmers raise funds to rebuild
Ukraine's agriculture.

In addition, food prices are soaring worldwide due to prolonged military invasions and climate change issues, and concerns about food crises are growing in developing countries.

To this end, the meeting will also discuss issues such as expansion of agricultural production and support for developing countries, which are expected to be compiled as a ministerial statement on June 23.