The Civil Guard places the general secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira, in the shadow management of Tsunami Democràtic, in a report incorporated into the secret cause that is investigated in the National Court for the serious disturbances that arose in the mobilizations of the independence platform after knowing the sentence of the 'procés'.

As El Confidencial has advanced and sources familiar with the investigations have confirmed to Europa Press, the Armed Institute places Rovira and other members of ERC in the organization of what appeared to be a citizen movement of a spontaneous nature. The investigators have managed to identify the pro-independence parties and entities that would have orchestrated the actions of Tsunami Democràtic, with Rovira at the head of the political structure.

This scenario would complicate the judicial horizon of Rovira, which had cleared after the elimination of sedition. After reviewing his prosecution by the 1-O in light of the penal reform, the magistrate of the Supreme Court (TS) Pablo Llarena changed that crime to disobedience, punishable only with a fine and disqualification – not with jail --, which paved his return to Spain from Switzerland, where he fled.

The Central Court of Instruction Number 6, in charge of Manuel García Castellón, began investigating Tsunami Democrátic in 2019 with the aim of clarifying who was behind it and what their sources of financing were.

Since then, the case remains secret, an issue that the Catalan businessman Oriol Soler, one of those investigated, has taken to the Constitutional Court via amparo appeal to lift the secrecy of the proceedings.

One of the issues on which the magnifying glass was put at the time was that Tsunami Democràtic used a mobile application for its protest actions, including the attempted assault of El Prat airport, the cutting of the border of La Jonquera or the repeated protests with barricades in front of the Police Headquarters in Via Layetana.

The link with 'Voloh'

García Castellón added to this secret cause part of 'Voloh', another case where the Court of Instruction Number 1 of Barcelona, directed by Joaquín Aguirre, investigates the alleged diversion of public funds to finance the independence process.

The link between both cases would be the former ERC minister Xavier Vendrell, who was arrested in the framework of 'Voloh', and to whom Judge Aguirre attributes "the activity of direction and direct participation" in the actions of Tsunami Democràtic during the autumn of 2019.

Specifically, the instructor said in the entry and registration order that Vendrell said he would send "people to protect Urquinaona square", referred to the protests around the Camp Nou and on the highway and asked not to make demonstrations only in Barcelona.

In addition, for the head of the Barcelona court, "the presumption is reached that Vendrell not only participates in the Tsunami movement, but also gives instructions of the actions to be carried out."

'Matagalls', the nickname for Rovira

Sources of the investigation consulted by Europa Press remember that in 2020, a year after the serious disturbances due to the sentence of the 'procés', the Civil Guard collected in reports sent to the judge of 'Voloh' the telephone conversations in which the alleged ringleaders used nicknames to try to hinder the police investigations.

Rovira was mentioned by the nickname 'Matagalls' and the telephone taps also served to identify 'Mandela', alias with which Marta Molina was known, another leader of ERC allegedly linked to Tsunami Democràtic and the protests around a football match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in Barcelona.

Those reports also spoke of former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont with the nickname of 'Pelomocho' and cited meetings with Xavier Vinyals – president of the Pro Selecciones Platform, one of the entities through which public funds would have been diverted – with 'Canalla', code name of businessman Josep Campmajó.

According to the aforementioned sources, the Civil Guard also includes in the hard core of Tsunami Democràtic Vendrell, who is cited with the nickname of 'Indigo' and Soler, alias 'Rigoberto'.

The serious disturbances carried out by Tsunami Democràtic in response to the sentence that condemned the leaders of the 'procés' promoters of the 1-O referendum led to an investigation into a meeting in Geneva in August 2019 in which Puigdemont and Anna Gabriel, former CUP deputy, participated.

The investigation, according to the aforementioned sources, focused initially on the preponderant role of Puigdemont and leaders of the CUP, but the development of the judicial proceedings would have highlighted the leadership of Rovira and other leaders of ERC.

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