Hainan made every effort to promote the preparation of customs closure operation with a project-based list

Beijing, 4 Apr (Xinhua) -- The State Council's new office held a news conference on 3 April to introduce the relevant situation of the Third China International Consumer Goods Fair. Ni Qiang, vice governor of Hainan Province, introduced at the meeting that Hainan has fully started preparations for customs closure operations and promoted various tasks with a project-based list.

Ni Qiang said that the operation of the island-wide customs closure is the "No. 2023 project" of the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port. At present, Hainan is aiming at the goal of having the hardware conditions by the end of 2024, completing the preparations for the customs closure by the end of 2025, and realizing the island-wide customs closure operation by the end of <>.

The first list is the task list, which oversees the software and hardware tasks to be completed by the end of 2024, involving 11 key contents in 64 aspects, such as port planning and construction, and layout and construction of non-customs areas; The second list is the list of customs closure projects, which are mainly projectized hardware tasks, including 31 construction projects such as port construction and customs inspection equipment; The third list is the stress test list, which aims to fully test most of the free trade port policies before the closure, and the current stress test list has 27 items, which will be dynamically increased in due course according to the needs of the island-wide customs closure work.

Ni Qiang introduced that in the past five years, Hainan has gradually built a free trade port policy system, and more than 180 policy documents with "zero tariff, low tax rate, simplified tax system" and "trade and investment liberalization and facilitation" as the core have come into effect, and the "two 15%" income tax preferential policies and three "zero tariff" lists have been implemented in an orderly manner; In line with international high-level economic and trade rules, it formulated a three-year action plan and task list for the implementation of institutional integration and innovation, and released a total of 15 batches of 134 institutional innovation cases; Actively building a new hot spot for foreign investment, the actual use of foreign capital in the Hainan Free Trade Port increased by an average of 63.5% per year.

The island-wide customs closure operation refers to the establishment of a special customs supervision area on the whole island of Hainan, and the implementation of the supervision system of "first-line liberalization, second-line control, and freedom on the island" in this specific area. After the operation of customs closure, the liberalization and facilitation system arrangement with "zero tariff" as the basic feature will be implemented for trade in goods; For trade in services, liberalization and facilitation policy measures with the basic characteristics of "both access and operation" will be implemented.