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Shakira and her two children will settle in Miami (USA) after the Easter holidays, a transfer that the Colombian has personally notified her former partner Gerard Piqué, sources close to the singer have confirmed.

As established by the agreement that the couple signed in November, the singer could move with her children to the United States once the Christmas holidays ended, something that did not happen due to the worsening health of Shakira's father.

On Thursday night, the doctors of the Teknon clinic in which William Mebarak is admitted, told Shakira that they could not operate on her father, as was the desire of the singer, so she made the decision not to delay her departure from Barcelona any longer.

At that time, Shakira contacted the heads of the schools in Barcelona, where her children now study, and the chosen one in Miami, to consult them about the convenience of making the transfer at this time of the course.

Both from Barcelona and Miami sent letters to the singer in which they point out that there is no problem for the transfer of the children – Milan, 10 years old, and Sasha, 8 – and that also doing it after the Easter holiday period could help in the change and subsequent adaptation.

Also, those responsible for the Barcelona school supported the move to Miami because in recent months the children have shown signs of anguish due to pressure from the paparazzi.

With the professional opinions in favor was when Shakira, personally, called Piqué to explain the reasons for making the transfer at this time, according to the same sources.

The singer and the children had already planned to leave Spain to enjoy the Easter holidays, which they will do in the coming days. After that period of rest will be when they settle definitively in Miami.

The relationship between the artist and Piqué became public in 2011, the year in which she began to spend long periods in Barcelona, where in 2013 her first child was born. But he did not establish his tax residence in Barcelona until 2015, according to his lawyers.

On June 4, he announced that they had separated and shortly after expressed the desire to move to Miami.

The trip has been delayed several times by the need to reach an agreement with Pique on the custody of the two children and by the health problems of Shakira's parents, who live in Barcelona and will also move to Miami.

Shakira and Piqué reached an agreement in November for the artist to stay in charge of the minors in that American city.

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